Slow Burn, 2002

„Back in 2002, David was concerned more than ever with themes like his own mortality and death, leaving behind his daughter, the world going to pieces (9/11) and how he wouldn’t tell Lexi that.

Oh, but you and I will be long gone!

„Well, I’m not going to tell my daughter that. I’m going to tell her that she’s going to have a great life, and it’s a terrific world, and that she should embrace all experiences… carefully. You see, I HAVE to do that. It’s really important for me to work hard on developing a positive attitude. Because it’s not for me anymore, and I’m very keenly aware of that. I just can’t get that selfish. And it’s very, very easy for me to vacillate over into the more depressing, nihilistic, and dark side of life. It’s always been too easy for me to do that; and I just don’t need to do that right now. It comes through in my writing because it’s the only space I allow myself to function in that particular way.“

David Bowie – Life on Earth by Ken Scrudato for Soma, 2003

„No, it’s not her. It’s an ersatz for a cause, nevertheless.“

That is the mindset [the video for Slow Burn] was made in. The girl comes to him – Bowie lights up and stops singing – and the next moment, they have to say goodbye. There is Major Tom, again, and David looks at him hesitantly as if he isn’t comfortable with their situation at all – the overlay of him flapping his wings with the image of the girl is like an ascending to the Heavens, leaving her behind – and then Earth in front of the window, maybe that he wishes that in some other universe, they’re still together?

That’s what Slow Burn can be seen as. It’s Bowie fathering the „miracle child“ with Iman (who was already 45). Boy, did they want this child, and they finally got it, after years, only to realize how little time he has left with her. They had wanted another one; a boy. In 2000, they talked about conceiving him naturally; by 2002, David mentioned adoption. They would have named him Stenton, after David’s father.

Lexi stayed an only child.

This is only 2002. It will take another 13, 14 years and seven heart attacks to take her father from her, but he already knows. The guy who once thought he wouldn’t get to thirty feels alive and he also feels how precious all this is. In retrospective, the lost years between 2004 and 2013 shouldn’t have come to a surprise. The question between a four-year old who is your entire world, and your career isn’t a question at all. Not even when you are David Bowie. Maybe especially when you are David Bowie, a man who ended up being a „family man“, so incredibly capable of loving truly and so deeply.“

Tumblr.-Post über das Musikvideo zu Slow Burn

Am 10.07.2016, exakt sechs Monate nach dem 10.01.2016, kam der Sohn von Duncan und Rodene zur Welt, benannt nach seinem Urgroßvater und Großvater: Stenton David Jones.